• FRESH START is a resource for clergy and congregations in transition. We define transition as the entrance of a new clergy leader into a congregational system.
  • FRESH START is a program designed to help strengthen the bonds between clergy in new cures, congregational leaders and diocesan resources to ensure that new ministries begin well.
  • Program Sponsorship –
    • FRESH START is a collaborative ministry supported by the Episcopal Church Foundation; the Office for Ministry Development; the Church Deployment Office; CREDO Institute, Inc. and all dioceses actively running Fresh Start programs.
    • Generous funding for the initial three years of operation was received from The Henry Luce Foundation.
    • The Anglican Church of Canada has partnered with the leadership team offering creative contributions.
  • The FRESH START curriculum is made up of 28 modules designed to help participants explore issues of transition.
  • FRESH START is not just for clergy any more. FS 2.0 offers implementation processes and an expanded curriculum to help dioceses involve lay leaders in FRESH START.
  • FRESH START was introduced to diocesan facilitators in October 2000. 198 diocesan facilitators from 70 dioceses have been trained to lead FRESH START programs.
  • 52 Episcopal dioceses are currently running FRESH START programs.
  • Three dioceses from the Anglican Church of Canada have established Fresh Start programs.
  • FRESH START facilitators are expected to be part of a learning community to help insure that we are constantly learning from our experiences so that FRESH START does not become STALE START.
  • FRESH START is a diocesan program which seeks to strengthen relationships within a diocese. It is not available to individual congregations.
  • FRESH START is available to facilitators through Facilitator Training Conferences.
  • FRESH START modules were created in PowerPoint. Dioceses may choose to project the program material or may choose to use other presentation methods.
  • Dioceses receive the material in both print and electronic formats. Dioceses can modify the FRESH START content and processes to meet their unique needs.
  • FRESH START is designed for a diverse audience. Individual dioceses make the decision about whom to include in their program.

For more information Please contact:

The Rev. L. Ann Hallisey, D.Min
National Fresh Start Coordinator
216 F St. #104
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 759-9106