Frequently Questions

How can my diocese participate?

FRESH START is available to all dioceses through”FRESH START Facilitator Conferences.” The conferences are designed for diocesan personnel who will facilitate the program with clergy and lay leaders in their diocese. FRESH START is best executed by a team of facilitators and including a diocesan officer in congregational development, deployment or education.

What is required to participate?

  • The support and commitment of the diocesan bishop
  • The availability of qualified persons (with skills in facilitating and in group process) to lead the program
  • A passion for healthy clergy and congregations
  • A willingness to participate in the ongoing development of new content

What will it cost?

FRESH START is designed to be affordable by any diocese. The registration fee to attend the facilitator training is the only required cost. Everything you need to launch and maintain FRESH START is provided at the training.